Grayling Research

In 1994 The Grayling Research Trust was formed.

This independent Charitable Trust was formed to:…“provide facilities for study and research related to grayling, their habitats, ecology, water quality and environment, particularly to safeguarding and improving the same”…

The Grayling Research Trust

The Grayling Research Trust

The 1st International Conference on the Grayling, organised by the Grayling Research Trust took place at the University of York in July 2006.

The conference provided a suitable forum for a full interchange of ideas which we hope will lead to a more enlightened management of grayling stocks.

Sponsors of the Conference were:

  • The Environment Agency
  • The Grayling Society
  • The Grayling Research Trust
  • The Fishmongers' Company

The Grayling Research Trust is a Charity Registered in England No: 1043994.

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Grayling Research Trust

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