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Promoting Awareness, Conservation & Angling for Grayling, Worldwide

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Membership is available to all those with an interest in the conservation of, and angling for, this beautiful fish.

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About the Grayling Society

The Grayling Society was formed in 1977 by a small group of enthusiastic game fishermen who wished to conserve and establish the Grayling as a true, wild, game fish. Its core aims have remain unchanged - to promote Awareness, Conservation and Angling for Grayling.

From very modest beginnings in 1977 and a handful of original members, the Society has grown internationally. Currently about a quarter of our members live and fish for Grayling outside the United Kingdom. Membership of the Society provides you with an opportunity to make a direct contribution to the conservation of perhaps the most beautiful of all wild game fish.

In return for your support, the Grayling Society will provide you with a range of benefits - principally aimed at informing you about the Grayling and its habitat - offering advice on conservation and fishing and helping you to keep in touch with other like minded anglers throughout the world.

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Grayling Society conservation work


In addition the Society sets aside funds each year for the Conservation. Applications for these funds is encouraged from interested parties who are carrying out conservation works which will include some benefit to Grayling.

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Map of Grayling Society Locations

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The Society in the UK is divided into areas - see map - each with a secretary and many have an administrative committee. The Central Committee of the Society is also based in the UK.

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Metropole Hotel in Llandrindod

Annual Symposium & Annual General Meeting

By bringing members from all Areas together on an annual basis at our Symposium and General Meeting, held at a different venue each year in the Autumn, we set about achieving our core aims of Awareness, Conservation and Angling.

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The Grayling Society Magazine


Grayling, our magazine and Journal of the Society is published three times each year.

This 64 page full colour glossy mag. is full of interest for all grayling anglers. It contains many exclusive articles, often by well known and respected authors, together with a selection of fine quality pictures and successful fly patterns.

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