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Grayling Society conservation work

For more than 25 years the Society has been actively engaged in the conservation of grayling and has an officer (Conservation Projects Officer or CPO) who is specifically dedicated to conservation.

The Society now provides an opportunity for its members to make a direct contribution to the conservation and sustainability of the grayling, its habitat and fisheries. For some years the Society has, each year, allocated a sum of money to be made available to suitable projects which will directly benefit the conservation of grayling anywhere in the world.

Such projects could range from part-financing habitat improvement works, through initiatives such as the promotion of catch-and-release of grayling, to increasing access to grayling anglers on the riverbank.

How do I go about making an application?

An application form is available from the Society and is downloadable from this website. The CPO will receive all applications for grants in the first instance and make an assessment of suitability based on merit and cost. This will take into account such things as value for money, match funding, conservation benefit, impact on grayling stocks, sustainability, etc. The CPO will then make recommendations to the Grayling Society Committee. The Committee will make the final decision as to which projects are funded in the current year. The CPO will follow the progress of projects making interim reports to the Committee and again on completion.

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Rules of Application

  1. Application for a Grayling Society conservation grant is open to any adult (18 years and over) with an interest in grayling conservation - you do not need to be a member of The Grayling Society
  2. Applicants must submit a completed proposal form to the Conservation Projects Officer
  3. The total available funds will be £6,000.00 in each financial year (1st July to 30th June) but may increase if future demand dictates
  4. The project should be undertaken in the same financial year as the application
  5. Conservation grant money cannot be deferred from one year without the express permission of the Grayling Society Committee
  6. Unsuccessful applicants may re-submit their grant bid in the following financial year.

Conservation Projects supported

Since the scheme began, The Society has sponsored several projects including:

  1. The River Monnow Project - a major collaborative project to restore the upper Monnow catchment and its tributaries to its former glories through habitat improvement - securing a future for wild trout and grayling populations
  2. The Forth Fisheries Foundation - grayling survey and restoration work
  3. The Ayrshire Rivers Trust - a detailed catchment-wide habitat survey of the Ayr to establish where habitat degradation and diffuse pollution is impacting upon productivity of salmonids (including grayling)
  4. The Tweed Foundation - initiative to establish self sustaining management of wild trout and grayling fisheries in the Tweed catchment. The Foundation hopes to improve trout & grayling angling through knowledge-based management
  5. Gopsall Fishing Club, River Sence - Intensive habitat restoration scheme to aid wild trout populations and in readiness for the reintroduction of grayling to the river (they had formerly died out through industrial pollution).

Monitoring of and long-term sustainability of UK grayling fisheries the Grayling Logbook Scheme

In 2001, the Environment Agency (EA), in collaboration with the Grayling Society, trialed an ambitious scheme attempting to monitor grayling stocks and fishery performance throughout the UK.

As a Society that seeks to care for the welfare of the grayling, we should all be grateful for the effort put in to protect this species. The, logbook based, study, which has now finished, monitored and compared the performance of grayling fisheries across England, Wales and Scotland and aimed to gain insight into the current status of our grayling stocks.

This information, collected over a number of years, helped to inform and direct management of this important species and advance the scientific knowledge that underpins it.

Sample Report produced by this scheme - 2005-05

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