The Grayling Research Trust

Long-term Monitoring Projects

River Wylye (Hampshire Avon)

River Wylye Electric fishing for graylingThe Wylye Project, led by Anton Ibbotson, Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust , is now in its 18th year. Rich Cove, Environment Agency, is collaborating with Dr Ibbotson to analyse the long-term data-set. Continued funding from Grayling Research Trust will depend on progress made to date and on future prospects.

GWCT Project Presentation

South Calder Water (River Clyde)

Clyde River Foundation electric fishing for graylingThe South Calder Water Project, led by Willie Yeomans of the Clyde River Foundation, is in its fourth year of Grayling Research Trust sponsorship. Sampling suggests that the population may be more unstable than had been anticipated. No grayling were caught in 2011 but young recruits appeared in 2012. Grayling Research Trust will therefore continue funding the project, which should provide a unique opportunity to monitor the recolonization dynamics of a population vulnerable to periodic crashes.