The Grayling Research Trust


Research Grants

The Grayling Research Trust awards small grants for study and research related to grayling, their habitats, ecology, water quality and environment. The trust has funded or part-funded a number of regionally and nationally important projects. Information on the projects to date can be followed using the sub-menu below Projects.

A grant application form can be downloaded or obtained by contacting us directly. The Grayling Research Trust expects all funded projects to complete a final report form 6 months after the completion of the project, so the Trust can disseminate project findings.

Conservation Grants

An application form is available from the The Grayling Society and is downloadable from its website. Its Conservation Project Officer (CPO) receives all applications for grants in the first instance and makes an assessment of suitability based on merit and cost. This will take into account such things as value for money, match funding, conservation benefit, impact on grayling stocks, sustainability, etc. The CPO will then make recommendations to The Grayling Society Committee. The Committee will make the final decision as to which projects are funded in the current year. The CPO will follow the progress of projects making interim reports to the Committee and again on completion.