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About Grayling

There are 6 commonly known species of grayling; European grayling (), Arctic grayling (), Baikal grayling (), Kosogol grayling (), Mongolian grayling () and Amur grayling (), see map below. However, these can be subdivided further into 14 species; for some grayling species very little information is known and they currently do not have a common name:

Thymallus arcticus (Pallas, 1776) – Arctic grayling

Thymallus baicalensis (Dybowski, 1874 ) – Baikal black grayling

Thymallus brevipinnis (Svetovidov (ru), 1931)

Thymallus brevirostrisMongolian grayling

Thymallus burejensis (Antonov, 2004)

Thymallus grubii flavomaculatus (Knizhin, Antonov & Weiss, 2006 ) – Yellow-spotted grayling

Thymallus grubii grubii (Svetovidov (ru), 1931) – Amur grayling

Thymallus mertensii – (Valenciennes, 1848)

Thymallus nigrescens (Dorogostaisky, 1923 ) – Kosogol grayling

Thymallus pallasii (Valenciennes, 1848 ) – East Siberian grayling

Thymallus svetovidovi (Svetovidov, 1931) – Upper Yenisei grayling

Thymallus thymallus (Linnaeus, 1758) – European grayling

Thymallus tugarinae (Knizhin, Antonov, Safronov & Weiss, 2007 ) – Lower Amur Grayling

Thymallus yaluensis (T. Mori, 1928)

The presence of an adipose fin taxonomically groups grayling into the Salmonidae family, more specifically a sub-family called Thymallinae, with only one genus. However, this website mainly concentrates on the European grayling.

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